About us

Retailers like you are losing clients every minute of every day. Online, it’s abandoned carts and customers put off by out-of-stock messages. Offline, it’s comparison seekers, offline-to-online jumpers and other hard-to-catch types of clients. They leave your store empty-handed, and you don’t even have their email to follow up. So you have no way of building any kind of interaction, never mind a sale. An omnichannel approach, based on building a continuous relationship between you and the customer, could solve all that. All you need is the right tools.

What is the Stovendo way?

Stovendo is a one-stop shop for easy-to-integrate retail solutions. With our purpose-built and selected tools, we seek to cover 5 value-adding areas: product information management, channel management system, checkout and payment gateway, sales assistant application, and order management and fulfillment.

By integrating these solutions into your system, we can help you increase revenue by boosting customer retention, reducing lost sales, and managing orders and inventory both online and offline.

Powered by NFQ

The Stovendo ecosystem is developed by NFQ – a software development powerhouse providing both strategy and execution to entrepreneurs who seek to scale and outcompete. Our job is to bring value to every business we work with. And, as true partners, we always provide insights and guidance on all the essential bits and pieces like UX, UI, CRO, business strategy, and future scalability.

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