STOVENDO website Cookie Policy

Updated: 2022-04-06

What are cookies?

We use cookies and similar technologies on the website and mobile application (hereinafter collectively – cookies). They help us ensure proper functioning of the website and its functionality, collect analytical and statistical browsing information and conduct marketing. The use of cookies is completely safe for your devices and information contained in them.

Can I manage cookie choices?

In accordance with applicable laws, we ask for your consent before using commercial (marketing) cookies. You may at any time accept or reject commercial (marketing) cookies by changing your choices of these cookies as specified below. In order for the changes to take effect, you must also delete cookies stored in your computer for which you gave your consent earlier.

Other categories of cookies are installed in accordance with the law or on the basis of our legitimate interest, therefore your consent is not necessary.

What cookies do we use and for what purposes?

Cookies are categorized according to their type and purpose: strictly necessary (technical), analytical and commercial (marketing) cookies.

Strictly necessary (technical) cookies:

These cookies are technically necessary for the website to function properly, as well as for us to provide the website with features you choose to use.

For example, the strictly necessary cookies:

help display the content of the website and/or mobile application; help ensure safe operation of the website and/or mobile application, prevent fraudulent activities; save information regarding commercial cookies you have accepted or rejected; allow to ensure other functions of the website that you use, e.g. to display the website in the language you choose, etc. The strictly necessary (technical) cookies are automatically saved when you visit the website. These cookies do not collect any of your data and are installed according to the law.

**Analytical cookies: ** With the help of analytical cookies, we collect statistical information about how visitors use our website. This information helps us understand the needs of visitors and improve the website and the services it provides on a regular basis.

With the help of analytical cookies, we process depersonalized aggregate data and do not process your contact or other information that is individual to you. The data collected by analytical cookies do not allow the identification of a particular user, are not related to other user data or linked to data sets by a specific user.

We collect and process analytical and statistical data on the basis of our legitimate interest, so your consent to use these cookies is not necessary. However, you can reject these cookies by enabling the “Do not track” function in your browser. Instructions on how to do this are available here:

Firefox Internet Explorer Chrome Safari Opera

Commercial (marketing) cookies:

We use commercial (marketing) cookies for the purpose of making marketing more efficient, making advertising offers and sending messages that may be relevant to users in the context of their browsing history (remarketing), personalizing the displayed content, measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, etc.

Typically, commercial (marketing) cookies belong to external advertising partners (third party cookies), e.g. Facebook, Leedfeeder, etc. Advertising partners act as independent or joint data controllers, so we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the privacy policies of advertising partners, the links to which you can find in the List of Cookies used by us.

Commercial (marketing) cookies are saved on our website only with your consent. You may at any time accept or reject commercial (marketing) cookies by changing your choices of these cookies as specified above.



Cookie providerCookie typeMoment of recording on user deviceExpires afterCookie data collectionCategory and/or purposePartner's privacy documents
NFQNFQCookieAgreementAccepting or refusing cookies1 yearNoneStrictly necessary (technical). Records your choice of cookies
NFQhIEntering the page1 yearNoneStrictly necessary (technical), displays a page in the language you choose
Google analytics _gidEntering the page1 dayRandom ID, depersonalized browsing historyAnalytical – collects depersonalized browsing data and provides aggregate statistical reportsLink