Retail assistants have trouble selling?

Without up-to-date and detailed product information at hand, your sales assistants might be reluctant to sell proactively. With the SalesmanApp, you can get them from behind their desks and give them the confidence and product know-how they need to help your customers make an informed sales choice.

Losing potential customers to online stores?

The habit of browsing offline and buy online is here to stay. With the SalesmanApp, give your customers the power to compare prices, get in-depth product knowledge, and special offers. Leverage the perfect combination of product insights and that essential human touch.

Losing sales because of stock shortages and poor communication between your branches?

The information on what kind of products are in stock at different locations should be available with a few taps both to you and your customers. With Stovendo’s solutions, you can easily direct your customers to the location that has the item they’re looking for. Even better, you can start the purchasing process straight away, minimising friction and the chances of a lost sale.


Hard to track product information across multiple channels?

Not having enough information on a product can drive customers away to your competitors. At the same time, keeping product information consistent across different channels can be time consuming and complicated. With Stovendo’s solutions, you can manage and update product information across all your channels from a single dashboard.