Salesman - Seamless Shopping. Bridging Online and Offline Experiences.

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SalesmanApp is a universal and versatile solution for salespeople
Optimize sales performance and make the shopping experience seamless and pleasant for both your customers and your staff

Why you need it?


Improved Customer and Salesperson Experience


Data Collection, Enabling Informed Decisions


Increased In-store and Online Sales

One app to turn your sales staff into sales stars

Equip your sales staff with an app that has all the SKU, stock availability and pricing information they need.

They can then look up anything without leaving the customer waiting, consult them with ease and confidence, and create trust.

Bridging the online and offline shopping experience

With the SalesmanApp, assistants can create a cart in-store with the customer, hook it up to your CRM, and control the conversion process by following up online.

This gives the customer the opportunity to finish the sale at home, pick up the shipment at the location most convenient for them, and get their purchases quicker with in-store pickup across multiple store locations.

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Turn your sales staff into sales stars